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Looking for a new career? 

As a Medicare Insurance agent at Premier Benefit Consultants, you're not only giving back to the community, you are your own boss.


Contact us today and see if Premier Benefit Consultants & the Medicare industry is right for you!


Why Medicare?

  • You're giving back. Feel good about the work you're doing. Make a difference in your community.

  • You're helping those who need it the most. Help our Kupuna navigate the complex, but necessary, world of Medicare insurance.

  • People come to you. Medicare is one of the few lines of insurance where customers find you. Because Medicare is such a complicated insurance, and Medicare Part A is free, many people will seek you and your services out.

  • Enjoy passive income! Bring in residual commission on sales in perpetuity, as long as the member stays your client.

  • Make as much money as you'd like. There is no cap on the amount of commission sales you can bring in each year. 

Why Premier Benefit Consultants? 

  • Enjoy the flexibility of owning your own business and schedule! Set your own hours, make your own schedule. You determine how many hours and what hours you'd like to work.

    • At Premier Benefit Consultants, we don't have any quotas or monthly sales requirements. We are more interested in the quality of your work rather than the quantity of calls you make.

    • We support you, how you want to sell, and who you want to sell to. As the owner of your own business, we will work side by side with you to help you create a sales strategy that fits your natural style and comfort level. ​

  • Join the largest Medicare agency in the State. You'll benefit from Premier Benefit Consultant's vast network, long-lasting brand, over a decade of experience and agency-wide marketing initiatives and campaigns.

  • Join a company dedicated to empowering you to be and do your best. Agents receive hands-on marketing/sales support and training.

  • Be empowered to provide unbiased advice to your customers. Premier Benefit Consultants represents six different Medicare Advantage carriers, more than any other agency in Hawaii. This means you can provide your clients with the best option for their unique needs. 

  • Become a Master of Medicare. Rather than representing and selling multiple lines of insurance, we know what we want to do and we do it well. At Premier Benefit Consultants, we focus on being a specialist in one area: Health insurance for Medicare beneficiaries. 

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Resources Available to You

  • Dedicated Agent Webpage. We create a webpage dedicated to you, which serves as a free, convenient online marketing platform you can use.

  • Sponsored Booths & Tradeshows / Events. Join our team at various tradeshows and events to represent Premier Benefit Consultants and generate leads!

  • Radio, Facebook and SEM Campaigns. Our agency has invested tens of thousands of dollars into various radio, and digital marketing efforts & initiatives to help promote the agency and generate you free leads. 

  • Tools & Resources. Our agency has invested time & resources into developing a full Agent Resource center where you can download marketing flyers and sales one-sheets that you can easily customize with your sales information.

  • Hands On Training & Support. We provide hands on training and resources to ensure your success. You'll have the senior management team available at your fingertips to help you navigate the Medicare insurance world. 

  • Ongoing Training. We host periodic company-wide meetings to ensure all agents are up-to-date with the latest agency and medicare news.

What makes a great agent? 

  • Someone with heart.  We're looking for agents that have good hearts. We can teach sales, but we cannot teach someone to care for their client. 

  • Someone who's dedicated. As the owner of your business and an independent agent of Premier Benefit Consultants, you get as much out of this job as you put in. We're looking for agents who are dedicated, hard workers, and passionate. 

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we love what we do


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"When I Joined Premier Benefit Consultants, I was looking for a job with flexible work hours, the ability to make and manage my own schedule, and where my compensation won't be solely controlled by the hours I work, but by my efforts and efficiency in the work I put in. 

I joined the PBC agency in 2010 - at the time I was homeschooling the first 3 of my 5 children.  I was always appreciative of the agent support regardless of my limited work availability.  PBC has always been focused on quality not quantity and allowed me to develop despite my challenging schedule. 

Now 10 years later, I have enjoyed building an amazing career helping the Kupuna of Hawaii. Mike and Shawn’s training and support has made all the difference in my career.  If you are considering a position with PBC, you will find an agency filled with loving and caring agents that respect their customer’s needs and respect their fellow agents."

Trina Simeona

Agent with Premier Benefit Consultants since 2010



If you're interested in joining our team and/or learning more about Premier Benefit Consultants and the Medicare insurance industry, email with your name and phone number.

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