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Top 5 Reasons Seniors Benefit from Working with a Medicare Insurance Agent

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

The transition to Medicare can be overwhelming to say the least. With so many options and deadlines, it’s no wonder that kupuna have a lot of questions. That’s where Medicare insurance agents come in. Local Medicare agents or brokers are available to provide seniors with answers and guidance on which Medicare plans are available to them that suit their needs.

Premier Benefit Consultants is an independent insurance agency that offers consultations for anyone already on or looking to transition onto Medicare to help them understand their insurance needs and options at absolutely no cost. PBC also offers complimentary company Medicare planning and Medicare group education presentations.

What type of Medicare agent should you choose?

There are two types of Medicare agents:

1. Independent. Independent Medicare agents contract with some or all of the Medicare Advantage and supplement plans available in their area to provide many options to their customers. Independent agents are more likely to provide unbiased plan advice and recommendations because they represent more than one option. Premier Benefit Consultants is proud to be the only insurance agency that has contracted with all the major Medicare Advantage and supplement plans in Hawaii.

2. Captive. Captive Medicare agents represent plans from one health insurance company. While these agents may be experts on the plans offered by the insurer they represent, they are unable to offer the wide range of plans that are available from all insurers in the area.

Top 5 Reasons Seniors Benefit from Working with a Medicare Insurance Agent

Seniors are not obligated to work with a Medicare broker, but there are several reasons why many choose to do so. Here are the top five reasons to work with a Medicare insurance agent:

1. Help navigating current Medicare options

Let’s be honest: Medicare can be a bit complicated. With so many plan options, combinations of plans (such as Original Medicare and Part D or Original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement plan), different benefits, rules, deadlines, and exceptions; having access to a knowledgeable Medicare agent can be a life saver. Medicare brokers who sell health insurance products related to Medicare have to pass a test on their knowledge of Medicare every year, which means they are up to date on the latest plans and rules. Medicare agents offer their consultation services at NO CHARGE, so seniors can get advice on plans that meet their needs and budget without spending any money.

2. One-stop-shopping

Seniors may have to research plan options from multiple company websites to understand their Medicare plan options. One of the best things about working with an independent Medicare broker is that they represent many health insurance companies and their various plans. One agent can show you plan options from multiple health insurance companies, which gives you the best chance of finding the right fit without having to shop around.

3. Help with Medicare deadlines

Medicare agents carefully keep track of Medicare deadlines to help their clients sign up for or change plans within initial enrollment or annual enrollment periods. By following Medicare deadlines, seniors can avoid Medicare penalties and underwriting for Medicare Supplement plans.

4. Help understanding medical underwriting

If you are looking to add a Medicare Supplement Insurance policy (also called Medigap) to Original Medicare after your Initial Enrollment Period, insurance companies are legally allowed to use medical underwriting and set the premium based on your current health condition. They may also refuse to sell you the policy based on any health issues you have. A Medicare agent or broker can help you figure out if you will meet the underwriting requirements for the plan you want.

5. Help signing up for Medicare Savings Programs

Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs) are available to seniors with limited income and resources. The purpose of these programs is to help Medicare recipients pay for all or part of their Medicare premiums. To learn more about MSPs that could help save you money, read our article on Medicare savings programs. Your Medicare agent can review your income and resources and help you apply for any programs you may qualify for.

Our independent insurance agents are dedicated to assisting people on Medicare and those who are ready to transition from employer coverage to personal retirement coverage. We help kupuna understand their benefits options and apply for additional coverage, as needed. Because we represent all the major Medicare Advantage and supplement plans in Hawaii, we are able to offer unbiased advice; all at no cost to our clients.

At PBC, our clients are our number one priority and we look forward to getting to know you and your needs. Call us today at (808) 738-4500 to see how we may be of assistance.


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