Top 5 Reasons Seniors Love Medicare

Seniors love their Medicare insurance for a variety of reasons. And why wouldn’t they? Medicare provides quality health insurance to seniors over the age of 65. In addition to the hospital insurance and medical insurance that come with Original Medicare, seniors have a wide range of Medicare Advantage Plans, prescription drug plans, and supplement insurance options to choose from that can enhance their coverage. When it comes to the big stuff, all Medicare plans must provide certain benefits.

Whether seniors choose Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage, poll after poll has shown that kupuna are very satisfied with their Medicare health benefits. If you’re getting ready to transition to Medicare, you may be interested to know the reasons why seniors love their Medicare insurance.

Top 5 Reasons Seniors Love Medicare

1. Medicare wellness visits

When you sign up for Part B Medicare benefits, you are entitled to a free wellness visit within your first 12 months of membership (as long as the health provider you see takes assignment and no additional tests are ordered). This health check is called the “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit and takes place in your home.

The nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant will ask questions about your current health status and lifestyle as well as provide appropriate screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, STDs, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and diabetes, etc.

2. Preventative services

Medicare covers a range of preventative services in order to keep their beneficiaries as healthy as p