What Should I Bring to a Meeting with My Medicare Agent?

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is here. Kupuna have until December 7 to review any changes coming to their current plans and decide if they would like to switch to a Medicare Advantage Plan, from a Medicare Advantage Plan to Original Medicare with a Medicare supplement plan and Medicare Part D, or from one Medicare Advantage Plan to another. This is the perfect time to schedule a meeting with your Medicare agent to go over all your options. In order to get the most out of the meeting, you should come prepared with a few things.

What Should I Bring to a Meeting with My Medicare Agent?

Before meeting with you Medicare agent, we recommend gathering the following items:

1. Your Medicare card

2. Your preferred provider list (the doctors and therapists that you have a relationship with)

3. A list of the prescription drugs that you take regularly

4. Information about your current health status, especially any chronic illnesses

5. Questions about changes coming to your current plan

6. Questions about any Medicare plans you are considering

Questions to Ask Your Medicare Agent About Medicare Plans

All Medicare Advantage Plans must cover the same services that Orig